Mail In Services

We understand that not everyone is able to visit our farmer's markets or drop off locations, or simply may not have the time available. We now offer convenient Mail In services to suit our customers' needs. Please follow the instructions listed below.

Mail In Instructions

  1. Print and fill out the .pdf file below. Please be sure to fill it out completely.
  2. Insurance will be added to your total if you choose it. Write the words "add insurance" in the insurance box of your mail in order form.
  3. Place the form in the box alongside the items you are sending.
  4. Wrap your knives in a towel or paper prior to shipping. Always use a box to ship your items in to ensure they arrive safely. Make sure you pack your items tightly to avoid any breakage.
  5. Return shipping will be $8. Orders of $100 or more will be returned with free shipping.