Shear Sharpening Process

Having your shears sharpened correctly by a certified sharpener is just as important as finding the correct shear for you.    The process at which a good quality shear was developed and produced to properly cut your clients hair has become a artistic tool in your hand.   Your shear needs to be sharpened correctly insuring the proper convex for a convex shear , balance (set) , geometry , proper contact at the point , bevel for a beveled shears and the many factors that go into a thinner/ texturizing shears are all still as the manufacture intended.  This process will insure your shear will point cut or slide cut or work as a dry cut shear.   

  • All sharpeners are certified through the National Beauty Tool Sharpening Guild (NBTSG)
  • Every shear is evaluated before being taken apart and sanitized.
  • We only use diamond water stones and a flat hone with a torsional handle to sharpen.
  • Shears are polished and tested insuring it functions as intended.


Our Cutlery Sharpening Process

Cutlery of all sorts can be sharpened; Fine cutlery, serrated, mandoline blades, meat grinder blades, robot coupe blades of all sizes and many more.

  1. Our truck is kept in very clean condition. 
  2. All cutlery is sharpened using a three system process that includes a 1000 grit water stone, a 4000 grit Japanese  waterstone and a leather strop. 
  3. Magnets inside of water trays collect any metal grinds. 
  4. Finally, all cutlery is sanitized using a drop in a Sani Maid rinse tank.

We sharpen salon shears, thinners, chunkers ect... We also carry several types of clipper blades for replacement.