Our Cutlery Sharpening Process

Cutlery of all sorts can be sharpened; Fine cutlery, serrated, mandoline blades, meat grinder blades, robot coupe blades of all sizes and many more.

  1. Our truck is kept in very clean condition. 
  2. All cutlery is sharpened using a three system process that includes a 1000 grit water stone, a 4000 grit Japanese  waterstone and a leather strop. 
  3. Magnets inside of water trays collect any metal grinds. 
  4. Finally, all cutlery is sanitized using a drop in a Sani Maid rinse tank.

Shear Sharpening Process

We sharpen salon shears, thinners, chunkers ect... We also carry several types of clipper blades for replacement.